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Shenzhen Li Sheng Hui Technology Co., Ltd. (LSHCHIP) was founded in 2016.

LSHCHIP has been focusing on the development and design of high-voltage power management chips, R&D staff in Seoul, Korea, R&D team has 20 people, provides a large number of advanced and reliable system solutions and product design, mainly in the automotive electronics, communications, electric vehicles and charging industry brand companies. The company's core technicians are senior engineers from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, with many years of research and development background in Xiantong and Toshiba; the marketing staff are more from China's senior sales team with many years of experience, the company's advantage is to be able to accurately grasp customer needs, precisely define high cost-effective product specifications to meet customer needs. Customer needs. At present, the company has car chargers, fast chargers, multi-port charging, DC / DC converters and other chip products. In order to better serve China's local customers, settled in Seoul High-tech Zone IC Industrial Park, South Korea, this will be better with the help of national industrial policies, accelerate the development of the company.
Our vision is to focus on the three charge market, to create industry-leading power supply and interface chips, to contribute to China's charging head market!
Strategic partners:
OEM manufacturing plant
Certificate: Qualification ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, Strict Implementation of QC080000 Hazardous Substances Management System in the Whole Supply Chain, Compliance with the Relevant Requirements of EU RoHS Directive